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When we move the body, we are moving the space around us. When we are still, we are moving the space within us.

Limits are a matter of perception. Having worked with people with physical disabilities and inmates, together we have always found a creative way to move the body and to express emotions.

Look at your environment as a way to support the entirety of you.


Organisations that I have worked with

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Suitable for all levels (up to 8 people)

The aim is to help you explore your body intelligence. Breath is life, allow it to guide your practice through controlled exhalations. Feel the flow of the Asana – before experiencing the flow between them – so to experience deep states of relaxation and introspection.

  • Overcoming injouries 
  • Strengthening the body
  • Deepening your self-practice 
  • Learning poses that help sooth emotional outbursts
  • Understanding the relantionship between the self and body
  • Creating and deepening the connection with your 5i’s during the practice

£45 p/hr  
£10 per added person  


Suitable for all levels (up to 14 people)

Meditation: Guided meditations tailored to bring awareness to specific parts of the self.

Pranayama: A journey of breath and mind traversing different states of consciousness. Implementation of breath techniques to sooth the mind reduce stress in order to cultivate Dharana (focus).

£35 p/hr  
£10 per added person


Katan is an incredible, forward thinking and heart-centered teacher!

His ability to really focus on the individual and know exactly what they should be doing to get the most of out the practice is second to one.
I really empathize with creating a Social Hub enjoyable for everyone in Bristol.

I enjoy a lot the variety of 'asanas' and the emphasis that you put in every single detail implied on it. Makes it quite easier to assimilate.
Pablo Beksinski


For bookings, price enquiry
or for further information, email me at: [email protected] 😊