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A day on site.

A day on site.

There and
back again:

A journey to America

There and back again:

A journey to America

My first impression of my 6 months stay in the Mid-West.


a brothers understanding​

A brother's understanding

This is a personal project designed to bridge the gap between my 16-year-old brother and my parents, who still viewed him as a child.

Given our intimate relationship, I was able to bring out aspects of him that only a brother could see. Over the years I noticed an unhealthy pattern of bitterness and frustration evolving in the house. A pattern that I was able to break out of by going to uni, but my brother living at home couldn’t.

Two sentences that could be heard by my frustrated parents were: “Why are you lazy?” and “What are you hiding?”. This greatly upset me as reliased that in this period of personal developement we unintentionally learn how to masks ourselves.

No longer kids, unaware of social rules nor conformed adults strong in their identity, teenagers throught the years undergo major psychological eveluation of themselves and of others.

Once our foundations are well established, we become playful with our barriers, testing them, trying new things and as time passes we forget what it meant to start the process of forging one’s identity. And with our society moving away from stillness, it will be increasingly harder for parents to grasp the struggles of their kids.

With my brother, I became aware of him closing off from me and my parents as well as manifesting signs of anger. I noticed how I was behaving with him and how that was affecting him.

I realized that in order for my brother to feel comfortable expressing himself with me and with my parents openly, we were the ones that had to change. Not to ask interrogative questions such as “What are you hiding?” which will only further the separation and the trust between us.

This project helped me focus on how I needed to change to help re-establish a bond with my brother, as well as showing my parents the hardship that he was going through.



In this project wanted to tackle the topic of the mask in which we hide our true selves.

The white paper is the metaphor for the mask.
Pure and simple as we all appear to be.

The drawings and folding, done by the models, symbolize the diversity in the communing mask.
It’s that vibe – personality that attracts us to that person, we don’t know what it is just yet as the mask is still up but we are intrigued to find out.

Finding me.

Finding Me.

Finding Me is a project that deals with emotional, psychological and physical repression. Not being a psychologist, psychiatrist or for that matter have any qualification of the sort I can only provide intuitive and personal understanding.

I have always been drawn to the power of our
brain. Ironically the more I learned about it, the more ignorant I felt which perpetuated my study in alternative ways of healing.

I myself suffered from depression for 5 years and over time I have learned how to come out of it without external help. My experience has definitely shaped
me and pushed me to investigate the “Masks” that we carry.
Despite the perception gained, I still find it relatively easy in moments of great weakness to retreat back into myself alienating the world around me.

Knowing the moods, the beliefs, the feeling and the pain, it is quite easy for me to recognise it in others and provide support.
With the use of the camera it can generate a medium that cuts through social barriers
staging an unconventional ambiance for me to work with; to empower the individual by providing them the necessary tools to regain the loos and often forgotten reins to their life.