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April 13, 2016_San_Cataldo_006

On the 17th of April, Italians voted against 85,84% opposition to the reinstatement of a pro-fracking law. However, the government used the excuse that because only 31,19% of Italian voted, they would allow fracking to continue. I cannot express the anger that I felt when the news came out. It is painfully frustrating how Italians are constantly fooled by politicians into believing that their vote will make a difference.

“Zona diserbata l’Italia,
avvelenata dalla costituzione che
nelle sue mani reggie questo please di sabbia.

A voi cittadini,
è vietato entrare negli affari politici
poiché noi apprezziamo il vostro silenzio.“

It is time to step up! No more politica al bar, we need to communicate our frustration and our disillusionment in the today’s politics in the streets.
My rage is not because we lost this one vote, but because this is the example of every vote.

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