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👋 Hi, my name is Thomas Katan and I am a photographer/vidiographer.
I focus on composition and storytelling, something that I enjoy exploring and rediscovering in my life.

Intersecting elements from my Life Coaching to bring out the emotional narrative which connects the viewer to the storyteller, the image.

Each shoot is a brand new opportunity to meet other amazing human beings across this beautiful planet of ours 🤗

As a photographer, the story is in the detail. As a filmmaker, the narrative is in the sound.
If you’d like to enjoy Ambient Only videos that I shoot on commission and for fun check here.


As artist we convey emotions through different mediums, I work with light and you work with vibrations.

Let’s collaborate to transmute your bars and beats into a 2D image.

Sanskar Yoga photograph from thomas katan photoshoot

I integrate my experience as a Life Coach and Yoga Teacher into each shot. Combining awareness with play through creative compositions.


Interested in promoting ethically sourced wear with a conscious message behind it.


I like to tell the mouth watering and belly rumbling story of each dish through contrast of colours, lights and textures.

Currently shooting and writing for my own Vegan Cookbook. If you’d like a sneaky peak click here.


I enjoy connectioning with the people as each event has it’s own community, its identity, its niche.

From tech to sports and from celebrations to sex positive festivals, I am pretty chill and conferrable in almost any environment.


I seek to capture stories. And in doing so I find the person.


A workshop for kids and adults to explore creativity, connect to their emotions, learn about accountability and finetuning their self-expression ability.

  • Duration: 1hour
  • Minimum 4 max 12 people

Through various playful structures, we will explore how to test personal boundaries (i.e. fears, doubts, confidence) and cultivate an inquisitive mind.

The focus is to cultivate inner creativity by using photography as a means to concretely share your vision with others (through display and presentation), and be valued for it.

Available for hire👌
Photoshoots | Photo Edits
£45p/Hr | £20p/Hr
Video Maker

Prints for sale
Getty | iStock
and upon request

[email protected]

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Things that grab my eye and capture my imagination