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Backstory to my Economic Experiment.

As you may know since the start of 2019 I have been experimenting on an alternative way of living and making a living via donations only for my work. This has made me realize (slow learner here) that I ended up, and still am, depending on people in order for me to fulfill my basic needs.

I really got to experience how communities used to be. People directly exchanged their time for resources without relying on a 3rd party to do so (aka money). An alien concept for today’s culture raised to be independent through personal capital.

This, however, has meant that other needs, i.e. attending courses, talks, events, workshops or simply having a meal out with friends, have taken a backseat since I’m not able to rely on donations alone to meet my day to day necessities. Feeling stability, knowing that I can provide for myself is something that I want to feel more of. It’s a way for me to spur my growth, and in turn able to give more.

In a community, we have to justify the investment of energy and resources. Therefore, if I am going to continue making my work accessible to the people that need it the most, which tend to be the people that have the less, I would like for the community to provided for my needs if deemed appropriate.

The experiences that I seek will help me expand my coaching tool-sets, improve the quality of my content, enjoy time with creative beings and make needed connections for future collaborations.


£ Revolut

GB91 REVO 0099 7028 6775 55


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If you are about to donate, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!

Thank you for allowing me to carry on exploring and experimenting an alternative way to balance our human & economical needs. And for allowing the coaching to be accessible to all 🙏