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I believe that we are here (on this planet) to have a human experience, and that for me is to share our story. A story about you. A story where you don’t try to fit into a narrative, but rather a story that fulfills your narrative. I was sold a story of masculinity and success that I never connected with. I tried to pic the best version available to me at the time which made me feel more and more removed from this world. For me everything starts from an emotions. Therefore when we feel a resistance in “doing” something (procrastination, lethargicness, doubt, confidence drop, etc) it’s signalling us that we haven’t met a strong need. I decided to look for my own story fit for my beliefs. In that process I questioned my actions, my desires, my beliefs, my sexuality, my purpose, my identity, and ultimately the relationship between mind and consciousness. And what I have learned is that we all grow up with incredibly gifted pre-built tools, but aren’t taught how to use them that I call the 5intelligence’s (5i’s).

I realized that all too often we get frustrated with our tools, play victim with them or shame ourselves. I would like to share with you my processes by teaching you how to set up solid emotional foundations. I am here to listen to you. I am here to provide you with guidance while you work on creating your own story to match your core values. And hopefully, to carry on inspiring change in others.

It pains me to see how quickly we tend to write off our precious lives to a belief system that brings us little to no happiness. My desire is to prevent the suicide of the mind, body, and soul. We have one life, and the clock is ticking. Please, don’t waste it away behind a screen, looking at a clock, or jumping off a ledge. Life is precious. You are incredibly special, gifted and you have so much to enjoy, believe me.

Life, if lived in a mindful way is filled with daily joy.