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Mindful Moments – Sharing Emotional Intelligence Topics

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Mindful Moments are Thomas Katan Life Coaching Tips. Meditative topics around Emotional Intelligence connecting the dots between the emotions and the actions. Focusing on the space between action and reaction. Highlighting our kneejerk reaction, our triggers, and our subconscious impulses.

The topics that I will be sharing with you will act as a metaphorical template to talk about similar things. Like different beads of the same neckless tied by a common thread. A bead for gardening, a bead for music, for movement, for cooking, for our emotional pain all sewn together by one common string.

Perception is what defines how we see an event and how we react to its outcome. It’s the instant after the action and the instance before the reaction. The part in which we have a choice. The part where we can become fully conscious of ourselves living in the present moment. And, in so doing tuning ourselves to our various intelligence and their subtle bodies.

You can find more on my Thomas Katan YouTube Channel where I record snippets of my Life Coaching phone call sessions.

To find out more about my Life Coaching method visit my Life Coach page where I share my view on our main 5 intelligences, our 5i’s.

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