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Meditation music on my Spotify playlist

Surreal woman walking in woods suggesting the start or the end of a journey

Spotify has an amazing collection of artists, music, and genres. Perfect for making a custom made playlist to suit certain intentions. Each playlist has been thought for a type of meditation and to set a vibe in your space.

Why use music to meditate?

There are many types of meditation. Each tapping into an element of our senses. All leading to a similar result, acting as a guide during our introspective journey. Music taps into our visceral sensations. In other words, when we listen to music our mental and emotional perceptions change. That is because MUSIC IS AUDIBLE EMOTIONS.

Listing to certain music will help us explore those emotional and mental pattern. Take this image for an instant. How can music make you feel that you are a Sith Lord conquering the world? It doesn’t. That’s your mind (best storyteller ever!) interpreting your emotional response to a certain vibration. Projecting a movie-like narrative to accompany and give more tangible meaning to your feelings. Quintin Tarantino, before shooting a movie spends at times weeks finding the right music to inspire him.

How to start and what do I do?

The main trick when starting a meditation is to find a way to occupy the mind. To assign it to a repetitive task narrowing down its focus to a single point. This could be a candle light, a mantra, counting your breath, a limb or this case listening to music. As the mind busy itself, you (the conscious being) can observe yourself. Experiencing your internal and external reality from an impartial view. Kinda like people watching, but the people are your thoughts.

What you do is up to you. What I like doing is finding a comfortable position to lay down. To keep my spine extended and my body relaxed. Close me eyes to help me enter more into my internal reality. Breathe deep into my sensations observing what comes up. Seeing the pattern behind the loop. Our cycles, our emotional patterns.

My favorite playlist to space out and meditate to.

Take Ambient, Ambient Electronic, Classical, Classical Electronic, Chill Step, Break & Beads, Techno and stick them in a blender. That’s the music in this playlist. An epic mix of genres. It’s a trip if you’re into Electronic and Techno music.

I tend to put it to drift off into another dimension. Or, when I’m in need of a beat to keep me focused on working with an emotional pattern.


Other playlist for relax and meditation.

I generally find that mediation music is a great way to form a bubble in your space. At uni, I used to leave the music playing even when I wasn’t at home. Plants, crystals, water, and other matter behave differently when music is played. Just like us, on a much more subtle level.

The hidden power of words. Mantras and tribal singing.

In a word, there is energy derived from thought and emotion. A word is a container for two different levels of perspectives. Based on the social and environmental context that we are in. Without waffling away into the world of meta-language, there’s much more to a word that means the ear (sorry I just had to lol) .

One word can make or break your world. “Yes”. “No”. Words put together in a thoughtful order can bring much joy to a person. Better yet, words tied together into a sentences can change a person’s stubborn belief. Bring hope, fall in love, give purpose and help overcome difficult times.

Words are essentially audible emotions, and can hold tremendous amount of transferable energy. This is why specif Mantras and tribal music are practiced to; heal, calm, dispose or charge the mind body relentionship. Not to mention to call in certain aspect that we desire to experience more of.

Guyatri Mantra

Om Bhur Bhuva Swaha
Tat Savitur Vareṇyaṃ
Bhargo Devasya Dhīmahi
Dhiyo Yo Naḥ Prachodayāt.

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