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  • Aim2Be CommuniTEA – A monthly networking event for like-minded people with a focus on community.
  • TCG – Mining Pool Ingo
  • Aim2Be – Community Building
  • All Around Health – Jelena is a lovely nutritionist who does 1:1 & workshops for wellness and sleep hacks.
  • Eco Jo – Sustainable Actions, go under “Proctucs” and “Do Something”.
  • Osara – Steve is the DJ/founder and ceremony leader for ecstatic dance in Bristol
  • Sanskar Yoga – Knowledgable Hatha and Vinyasa teacher. Particularly focused on core and foot work
  • Bleaf_Design – incorporates original hand drawn work for illustrative design work and logos. Highly recommend for personalised creative logo.
  • Cya Design – inspired by nature, their approach to logo, branding, and web designs is via a minimalist perspective. Highly recommend for package design (logo, marketing, website).
  • Riccardo Gualandi – works with abstraction and symmetry assimilating clients perspective in his designs. Highly recommend for business style web design.