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👋 Hi, My name is Thomas Katan and I am a Life Coach.
My belief is that if we connect to our emotions, we understand the why to our life.

This is why I have decided to focus on Emotional Communication.
An empathic strategy to understand oneself and to live in harmony with others.

Life is a gift, and each day is a brand new day for us to experience it 🎁

What Tools do I Use and Why?

Tools that I use during a Coaching Session.


Words being both emotivehow it is said – and instrumentalwhat is said, are playful and familiar tools to use.

In short, when we are not aware of how words could be interpreted by others, we have a chance of falling into conflict.


The breath moves muscles tissues, cartilage and bones on a daily basis. Through expansion and contraction.

When we decide to direct the breath to a specific area of our body, we can activate or release emotions and hormones.


Movement exchanges information between the inner bodywhat I feel – and the outer bodywhat I see.

The inner body, host of our birth intelligence’s, is the seat for meditation. The outer body is the vessel for self-expression.

a breakdown from the 5i’s method

Emotions are like the air in a pressure cooker.
Once the pressure cooker stops whistling,
we can open it to look at what’s inside.

Emotions are like the air in a pressure cooker. Once the pressure cooker stops whistling, we can open it to look at what’s inside.

Insights recorded from coaching calls and ideas that I feel a worth sharing.

I have been described as a walking retreat
for people who are caught up with the daily grind.

How I integrate the tools that I use and why I use them during a session.


I don’t hold judgment for what you say, and I encourage you to speak truthfully. Whatever it is, big or small you and your body’s needs will be heard. I will hold space for you. Listening and connecting to your body’s intelligence.


Empathy is the biggest key to unchaining ourselves from unwanted patterns. Combining intuition with the tools that I use I will show you how to discharge negatively charge emotions. Tuning into your body intellifences.


My objective is to teach you how to train yourself to find inner stability and a balanced lifestyle. Connecting you to your core emotions so you can find your life purpose. Training your mind to experience a profitable life for you.

Booking & Enquiries

For bookings or for further information,
email me at [email protected]

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September 2020

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  • Spiritual Physics with Coiote
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  • SICA meeting Bologna
  • SICA meeting Bologna
  • SICA meeting Bologna


" I definitely resonate with his teachings & tools. He has given me so much, as I believe they are paramount to create more space in your life. "
" From the space and routine optimisation, to the decluttering, appreciation, awareness of what I actually possess. This was a deep, yet enjoyable work on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. I identified my core fears and gifts that I continue to share with the world.

So much gratitude for this work and want my entire family to go through this process too. "
" The greatest gift Thomas has given me is an openness within me which has extended to me opening up my home for like minded people to come around and share the space I have created, I love this so much, I feel more connected to myself and humanity. "

The three main fields I work in

How I integrate the tools that I use during a Coaching Session.


We are humans, we have a body. And this body need to be fed and nurtured. It’s an intelligent organism which allows us to experience and tune into this physical reality through various sensations and stimulations.

Movement, stillness, breath, music, food, connection, presence.


They are a type of vibration that live within the physical environment but cannot be felt without an action. They effect our auto-regulatory system heavily influencing our energy levels as well as our state of perception.

Actions, interaction and states of heighten awareness.


The element that makes up and gives form to all. Our body acts like an antenna picking up both internal and external vibrations resulting in quick feedback and clear signals of what to do. They are our intuition, our ability to be in a flow-like state.

Various meditation and mindfulness technique.